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Cindy:  Thank you so much for everything.  Words cannot express my gratitude.

Shorna:  Thanks girlfriend, for staying up with me into the wee hours and for all your suggestions and pictures.

Brandy: thanks for everything love.  I can't believe that its been 4+ years.

Becky: Thanks so much love for being my inspiration and for making me go on when I felt like quitting.  Thanks for for the photos and the suggestions throughout the years(It feels so weird saying that, but the website is 3 years old).

Marie:  thanks for the loads of wonderful photos that you sent me and continue to send.

Tisha:  Thanks bunches love for all the photos that you have contributed along the way and thanks for those encouraging emails and coupon savings that you continue to send.

Anushcka:  wonderful thanks for the beautiful photos.

Linda:  Wonderful thanks for all the photos and articles along the way.

Aurelie:  Wonderful thanks for bombarding my inbox on the regular with photos of the Miller Sisters.