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 In an effort to alleviate some of the bandwidth problems that have been plauging the site, I have redone the entire website by combining pages as well as by significantly decreasing the sizes of the photos.  Numerous photos have also been removed from the original two sites.  

Welcome to my site about the Miller Sisters. On my website you will find short biographies, tons of photos and a few articles on the Miller Sisters and their families as well as links on the Miller Sisters and Royalty in general.

Creating this website has been quite an experience. It is my first website and hopefully not my last. At times I felt I was getting in over my head when reading the instructions on "how to" create the webpage of your choice. I had created so many templates that did not quite work until finally a good Samaritan by the name of Emma took pity on me and helped me to create the website that I wanted. My reasons for creating the website stemmed from my willingness to share my pictures and info on the Miller Sisters that I had collected over the years and for the ladies over at the Yahoo Club who needed a place where they could share their pictures.

As for those who have visited my site and encouraged me, thank you. It is flattering to know that my efforts have not gone in vain. I value the feedback that I get from everyone on ways to improve my site. If there is any information that I have incorrectly quoted please let me know posthaste and I will correct it.

The pictures and articles on this site were scanned/typed from various magazines and books. If anyone(namely the photographers,authors) has a problem with me using a certain image please let me know and I will remove it.

Many of you have given me grief over the no-right-click that I had implemented on my site because you could not copy the pictures easily as you wanted, well the code is still up on the pages even though it does not stop people from taking photos at their leisure.

I am asking you not to take the pics off this site for use on another, because it is not fair to me or the people who scan the photos for someone else to take them and then not give credit where credit is due. I am trying to maintain a good relationship with the people who send me pictures and some of you are making that quite difficult. Also I want to thank those who have actually emailed me to ask if they could have an image off my site. It is refreshing to know that some people still show respect to my wishes. To tell the truth I was not going to ever put back up the site but after many emails asking me to not let the actions of a few stop me from doing the site I thought over my decision and here is the new site for everyone to enjoy.

However, if this site keeps getting looted( and it has been looted at an alarming rate) of its contents for other websites I will remove this site PERMANENTLY. Fair enough?

Finally I just want to say that I hope you enjoy your visit and that you endeavor to come back and see whats new as many of you know that I update my site quite often.

Jasmine: "If yuh cyaan stan' up fi sump'm, yuh wi lie dung fi hennyting