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July 7, 2003

Hello Everyone,

New updates uploaded to the website.  Wonderful thanks to Becky for all the new updates

1). Marie-Chantal's Fashion Show: showcases MC's fashion collection.

2). DVF: from Life and Style Magazine.

3). Nikolaos: from Life and Style Magazine.  


June 8, 2003

Hello Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have done any sort of updates to the site, due to lack of material.  Here are a few updates for you.  Some pages of photos as well as an article about Alexandra von Furstenberg.

1. New Stuff:  a small set of photos sent to me courtesy of Cindy, wonderful thanks.

2. A Working Princess:  photo-set of Alexandra and family accompanied by an article The Princess Diaries .  Wonderful thanks to Cindy for the photos on this page as well as the article.

3.  Fashionista: one of my favourite photo-sets of Marie-Chantal sent to me courtesy of my sister and friend Shorna.  Thanks Bunches.

4. MC in Style:  another photoset sent to me from Shorna.  Thanks Bunches.