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Face Forward
Alexandra von Furstenberg

One night, I was attending a very chi-chi dinner party. These are functions that I do not normally attend. I'm more than comfortable sitting at home watching videos and eating pizza. But on this particular occasion I was somewhat socially obliged to attend-as people often are in that insistence. At the table, I found myself seated next to Alexandra von Furstenberg.(Yes, of the Von Furstenbergs). Hearing a name that long and aristocratic, I was actually became intimidated. (Prejudiced thoughts, it seems, know no bounds and at that moment had claimed my typical open-mindedness as one of their own). I was glad to be completely wrong. Alexandra turned out to be a down-to-earth, charming woman, as well as a mother, wife and successful business person. (I have learned that the person hurt most by a preconceived, judgmental attitude is the one carrying it). As we talked, I suddenly realized I was looking at a blonde version of Cher. At the time the book was in its planning stages, so I told her what had just crossed my mind. She seemed rather excited at the prospect of the transformation. We exchanged numbers and shortly thereafter took these pictures. During the shoot, Alexandra had to endure my outburst and double-takes, allowing me to relish in the moment of reincarnating one of my favorite people on a newfound friend. Upon seeing the finished portrait, Alexandra was speechless. When the real Cher saw it, her few words said more than enough: "She looks more like me than me!" It was the greatest compliment I could get.

Quoted from the book Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin