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Pia Peddles
The Buisness Times(July 17, 1998)

Pia Getty to promote Sephora in the U.S.

Sephora, the San Francisco-based cosmetics chain owned by DFS Group, opened its first U.S. store July 15 in New York's Soho.

Pia Getty, the daughter of DFS shareholder Robert Miller and wife of Christopher Getty, has been enlisted as the chain's spokesperson and will attend store openings. Getty has been described in the beauty press as a blonde bombshell. Sephora officials are less effusive, saying she is a young active mother, the typical Sephora customer.

Sephora's first Bay Area store will likely be at One Stockton Street where lease negotiations have been ongoing for several months. Brokers close to that deal say a lease is imminent.