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Miller Quotes
From Vogue's Best Dressed List

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

The Look: Sleek, elegant, regal.

Loves To Shop: "On-line! It's just so easy with two small children and a baby on the way."

Essentials: Palm Pilot in Louis Vuitton holder. Mason Pearson hairbrush, a great pair of sunglasses by Blinde or Prada.

Dressing Up: "Oscar does it best for Balmain."

Fall Must Have's: "Lots of Chloe, Saint Laurent, and definitely Valentino."

Pia Getty

Getty and her famous "Miller Sisters" love beautiful clothes. "My mother Chantal, has exquisite taste," says Sephora's creative ambassador. "I hope that I inherited some of it." Getty prefers update classic clothes from Celine, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors with
colorful accessories.

Harpers Bazaar(December 1999)

Princess Alexandra Von Furstenberg and baby Talita

Creative director of Diane Von Furstenberg Studio

Hometown: Hong Kong.

Known as: One of the Miller sisters.

Success: In 1998, helped relaunch mother-in-law Diane Von Furstenberg's signature wrapdress.

Favorite virtues: Loyalty, kindness, good humor, knowing how to enjoy life to the fullest.

Favorite vices: "I guess you could say I'm a shopaholic." If stranded on a desert island due to the Y2K bug, I would need: "My husband [Alexandre], my daughter, and a big comfy bed with amazing sheets, so we can all snuggle up together." Fur coat and sandals, Atelier Versace; top, Katayone Adeli; jeans, DKNY. Diamond necklace, H. Stern.