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America's Elite
What do Crown Princess Pavlos(Marie-Chantal), Alexandra von Furstenberg and Pia Getty have in common?

Answer? Their parents. Not since the Edwardian heyday of "dollar princess" marrying European aristocracy has a triumvirate of triumphant marriages been made.

Collectively known as the "Miller Sisters", the multilingual heiresses are married respectively to royalty, royalty and oldish American money. Of course, in Hong Kong, where the girls grew up, they are still collectively known as the "Miller Daughters" in deference to their parents, American duty-free mogul Robert Miller and his Ecuadorian wife Chantal, who spent much of the 1970's and 1980's entertaining in lavish style. Lavish? Caviar, junks, hot air balloons, elephants and helicopters. Their daughters have clearly inherited their parents' genius for over the top amusement. The Hamptons is still recovering from the Tarzan Soiree Pia threw at her Southampton estate, which featured prominent members of New York society in leopard print and skimpy suede sheaths. Not just pretty faces, each has found a niche for herself. (Quoted from America's Elite 1000).