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Sister Act 2
When it comes to getting dressed, sisters will often face a fashion feud. Jenny Dyson hunts down sisters who share and those who don't.

Sensible sisters don't even think of delving into one another's wardrobes. From a young age they establish firm territorial lines around their cupboards. "If you're a confident child then you know that you want to wear from a very young age and make a certain look your own," observes psychologist Sophie Charles. When you're fighting for the attention of your parents with your siblings, the clothes you insist on wearing are a means of controlling how they perceive you.

The Miller sisters, the most glittering and gorgeous trio of siblings in New York, are a sleek example. "We each have a very distinct style." agrees Alexandra, the youngest of the Miller Clan who is creative director for her mother-in-law Diane von Furstenberg. "Pia's style is Euro-classic," she says of her oldest sister who is married to Jean Paul Getty Snr's grandson Christopher and wears tailored tousers, twinsets and J.P. Tod's - an ideal look for a mother of three. In her new role as ambassador of beauty superstore Sephora, however she's dressed by Dior.

Marie-Chantal, the super-slender middle Miller sister, has always had a preference for tailored chic. "Even as a teenager MC loved to borrow my mother's Chanel suits, which is quite surprising for a 16-year-old," laughs Alexandra. But perfect practice for the wardrobe that she has worn so well since marrying Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece in 1995. Meanwhile, Alexandra, although also married to a prince(Alexandre von Furstenberg), has much funkier and street-oriented style - perhaps due to her being the baby of the family. "My style is more-of-the-moment than my sisters, " says Alexandra, who lives uptown and works downtown, so whatever she wears has to cut both worlds. "I like to adapt what's in fashion and with what I know looks good on me, and usually thats something body conscious." Alexandra's daily uniform depending on the season - is usually a Gucci skirt or Helmut Lang pants, a funky top and Prada sandals or Costume National Boots, and maybe a Fendi bag. When she attends family occasions and is forced into a suit, she admits to feeling at odds with the formal style in which her two older sisters dress so comfortably. " I don't feel like myself," she says. "Right now I am wearing cargo pants, a tank top with a button-down shirt T-shirt layered over it, flip flops, a toe ring and a beautiful necklace my friend Marie-Anna Oudejans made for me."

For the Miller sisters, evening bags are the one thing that they share. " We don't wear the same shoe size, but even if we did we wouldn't share shoes anyway," says Alexandra von Furstenberg. "Pia lives in moccasins, MC lives in Sabrina heels and I'm a platform and boots person." The Miller sisters hang out together like best friends and do lots of clothes shopping together which - unusually - makes for no arguments. "Sisters make the best critics, " enthuses Alexandra. "If those pants are too tight, you know they're gonna tell you."